How You Can Prevent Your Yahoo Account From Future Attacks

Posted by Johnny, on 9:05 PM
Prevent Yahoo account

In today’s world internet is used for almost every type of work like banking, shopping, paying your bills, getting connected to your friends or family through emailing or social media; there are lot of people who are always looking to steal confidential information regarding your bank details or any kind of personal or professional information.With more use of internet, smartphones or social media, electronic attack is growing every single minute. It becomes very necessary to know various techniques to secure your email or account for such hackers.

Some Basic Ways Through Which We Can Secure Our Account:-

Password Change. Try to change your password every 3 months or whenever you doubt that someonehas logged into your account. If you find any suspicious activity then you need to change your password immediately. To start the process of changing the password go to the top of the page where you will see a link “Change your password” click on it and keep a strong password that noone can track it.

Secure Recovery Account. At the time of creation of account, you also give another account detail which is called recovery account. The recovery account which is associated with this account also needs to be secure. For this go to the Setting and then select “Account security” from the menu. You can change the recovery account detail in this section.

Two-Step verification. To give an additional security to your account, you can perform a two-step verification process. Once you login into your Yahoo account, Yahoo will immediately send you a message on your mobile phone that is associated with this account. A security code would be sent out to you that you have to enter at the login page in order to get access of the account. This will stop any unauthorized users to access your account detail.

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