What are the steps to create Filters in Gmail?

Posted by Johnny, on 3:05 PM

Gmail is one of the best free webmail service provider known for its features and easily accessible options. Gmail users can automate a variety of different actions for incoming email. To allow rules to specific addresses, certain subjects, messages with specific keywords and more automatically user can set filter’s criteria. Gmail Support would like to inform you that filters can be used to block emails, sort & label, and also forward to other addresses.

Perform the following steps to Create a Filter to Block Email:

Step:-1 Select an email that you do not want to receive messages from. Select a message from a sender that needs to be blocked to create a block filter. Open the email and give a click on “More” button and choose “Filter messages like these” from the appeared options. In the “From Field”, a window will appear at the top of the screen with the address of the sender.

Step:-2 Click the Gear icon to start a filter from the scratch. Go to settings and select the tab of Filters. Click on “Create new filter” link at the bottom of the page. Here in the “From field” enter the type the email address that you wish to block and don’t want to receive any message in future.

Step:-3 You can also use the option to filter by recipient, subject line, keywords, attachment size and more. When the filters are customized click on “Create filter with this search”.

Step:-4 Customize the filters to delete matching emails also. On the screen of filter window, the user can select what happens with any messages that match the filters. If email address needs to be blocked tick the box “Delete it” beside it.

Step:-5 If the multiple emails are there in your inbox from the addresses need to be blocked, then tick the box beside the option of “Also apply the filter to matching conversations” box. Any email that meets the filters criteria will be removed along with the future emails.

Step:-5 Hit the “Create filter” button and the process will successfully finish.

Now any future email from the blocked address will be removed. If any problem comes across your way while going through the above-mentioned process you can Contact Gmail Support USA. Our experts will provide the best possible ways to resolve the encountered issue in the shortest possible time period. So just make a call and get instant help from our experts.

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